// Light up my face

by elfuhrelf

When it comes to cremes and balms, lipstick, powder or any kind of beauty product, I only go for the basics. Moisturizer, foundation, blusher (same old product since almost 10 years), mascara, lip balm. Done.

Until now!

Thanx to Lisa Eldridge – a fantastic make up artist, whose video tutorials could even make a clumsy chimp put on a flawless make up – I keep learning everything about the right skin care, cleanser, primer and even cheek brushes. What makes her videos so special, besides her lovely way and her dulcet yet soothing voice, is that she details all the tools and products being used for that very look.

Have a look at this tutorial for a make up in the style of Clemence Poesy. Loooove it!


And so it began… All of a sudden I found myself looking for the right concealer, BB cream, setting powder, eyeliner, bronzer and colour palettes. Questions arose looking in the mirror: What did she just say? A cream to get the red out of my face? How do I know I have red IN my face, in the first place? Only with the last of my strength, I could stop myself from buying everything that seemed logical to have… and trust me, every featured product is there for a reason… a good reason.

From now on I will definitely take a closer look the next time I stand in front of Boot’s No7 shelves or when I go for a stroll round the beauty stalls of Galerie Lafayette. When it comes to skin care basics, though, I have my favourites since a while now and I can only recommend every single product you see on the picture above. Oh, by the way, almost all of them appear in one or the other tutorial too.

// Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. A french legend and all-rounder for every skin type. especially in winter when the skin gets dry and itchy

// Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. My holy water. best cleanser and make up remover. sometimes it just want to freshen up my skin with it

// Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant. Exfoliation mask. for all skin types. improves skin texture within minutes. after a week you already see the difference

// Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Have it with me wherever I go. For soft lips, shiny cheeks, irritated skin, dry ellbows or even blisters

// i+m Naturkosmetik Nail Oil Vitamin E. Makes my nails strong and shiny and my finger tips look soft and healthy

// Vaseline Lip Therapy. Got it from a friend. I would have never bought rosy lip balm. turns out to be the best treat for my lips next to kisses. No leaving the house without it

// Chanel Lift Lumiére. The only foundation that covers everything but still makes your skin look natural. No gum up skin through a heavy texture