// Balloon’s in zero gravity

by elfuhrelf


Balloons freak me out. Whenever there is a kid next to me squeezing and prickling its balloon I tense up just waiting for the thing to burst. Yet, I cannot take my eyes of them on pictures. They way they silently float around, the light that seems to be captured in the balloon in different colours. No wonder fashion photographers are using them as props to convey the feeling of lightness.

I remember reading about an exhibition by star choreographer William Forsythe in London a few years ago, “Scattered Crowd”. He placed thousands of suspended white balloons in a big space. They were lifted by sound waves and rippled with movement as the viewers were passing. The exhibition is now coming to Frankfurt. I am still not sure, if I want to be in a room with thousands of balloons whose only mission it is to float around and wait to burst with a sudden big bang. But the beautiful images alone make me breathless and wanting to experience it live.