// Winter wedding

by elfuhrelf

winter wedding

One of my close friends is going to get married tomorrow. He knows his fiancé as a friend for eight years but they started dating just this spring. “We cannot wait for next summer so it is going to happen in December”, he told me. It is the first Winter Wedding for me and I am very excited. After the church ceremony we will all drive to an old fabric property outside Berlin, where the reception will take place in a huge factory loft. I picture chains of lights, old wooden tables, a very natural decoration with branches of trees and white flowers…

Since my outfit for tomorrow was defined two months ago already (had a lucky hit online with a great black-golden Tibi dress), I spent most of my time over the last weeks thinking about a wedding gift. I want it to be something special but something they can actually use, so it is not just lying around for the rest of its existence.

I remember the wedding of my best friend a few years ago. The wedding gift back then was a classy writing set containing a fountain and a ball pen. I asked the shop assistant to fill it with indelible ink and had it engraved with the couple’s names and wedding date. With this I went to the marriage registrar and asked if she could hand out this very pen when it comes to signing the marriage certificate. She was fine with it, thanx to the indelible ink. After the ceremony when we all made our speeches I handed out the gift to the couple and told them that they actually signed their marriage with this pen and hopefully soon a lot of lucky documents such as purchase agreements for their house, birth certificates and of course millions of love letters.

This time of course it needs to be something new. And I found a lot of inspiration. Sometimes the gift itself is not new or especially creative but the way of packaging and the little twist that comes with it makes it unique. Have a look:

Rust designs personalized Birch Dessert Set

Lazy May pillow cases

Wedding time capsule

Gift set that promotes eating together

Folding money for the couple


IMAGES . via Pinterest / Rust Design / Lazy May / Homemade gifts