// Smorgasbord #5

by elfuhrelf

by Berndnaut Smilde

by Berndnaut Smilde

The tiny, personal rain cloud above my head was tired of just hanging in the air and started getting busy this week. So, over the last five days I had to take a few beatings and came to think about what went wrong and why. Should I have been more demanding or less enthusiastic? Did I give enough or too much? Immediately you start doubting yourself and your capabilities but in the end it all comes down to the same old truth: Sometimes it is just not meant to be a certain way. And then it’s good to have people around who are giving you a shoulder to lean on. Thank you N.!

Another way of coping with the situation is to dream yourself away. The best way for me to do so is looking at other people’s power of imagination and DIY attitude. Therefore this week’s Smorgasbord is all about art and design. Enjoy and be inspired!

Perfect place to get things started.

What a wonderful way to dream yourself away and share this with your friends. A good New Years Eve action.

Another secret dream of mine and probably one hang tag on the travel wishing map.

Because everything has a soul.

This one simply makes me smile.

When ordinary things put you under a spell.

Cloudy days doesn’t have to be bad. They can also look like this and this.

A nice way to bring more colour in your life.

Wonderful ad by Quechua, because we all need warmth