// Winter blossom

by elfuhrelf

Hyacinth via Kaylovesvintage

Even though it’s said to get cold again my thoughts are already going towards spring, especially when it comes to decorating my home. After the time of silver-fir and mistletoe I am in the mood for something blossoming and colourful. 

Having a little bit of nature indoors just make me breathe easy and feel more alive during this rain-forced grounding order. And whereas in summer I prefer changing the flowers twice a week (for the available variety alone), this time of year I want the plants to last a bit longer. Besides, it is so nice to see them grow. So, after doing my research in the web I found myself in the flower shop of my choice to add some beauty to my day.

If you plan on doing so too, these inspirational pictures might help you, choosing your perfect floral arrangement.