// Smorgasbord #7

by elfuhrelf

One Line prince by Quibe

One Line Prince by Quibe

It’s all about the look. With the fashion week ahead most Berlin blogger and fashionistas are thinking about their visual expression and how to stand out from the crowd. In a week from now we will all be drowning in outfit posts of street styles and trends from around the fashion tent at Brandenburger Tor.

But before we talk about the look again I would like to show you some other visual highlights. Over the last week I collected a few posts from favourite blogs of mine and websites within the graphic design and video art. Hope you enjoy! 

It only needs a pen and one fine line

Funny ad for every type of hair

Remembering college times when this kind of art were hanging in everyone’s place

Just do the maths

“Vintage” record covers inspired by Homeland

Oh, so much to discover in this big big world.

Art in the streets with Barry McGee


In retrospect. 1 second from every single day of 2012


The ABC of architects