// Christoph Waltz at his best

by elfuhrelf

Christoph Waltz

With the Golden Globes behind and the Academy Awards ahead of us, not to forget Berlinale Film Festival kicking off next week, I am getting into movie mode again. Snuggeling into my cosy knitted jumper, grabbing my best friend and (don’t forget the glasses!) making myself comfy in the back row of a great old cinema nearby. 

One film on the agenda: Django Unchained. Oh, how I love Christoph Waltz! Tarantino not only has a good nose for music but getting Waltz on board at first for Inglourious Basterds and now for Django Unchained shows that man just knows and with his incredible beard this time, my crush on Waltz is now complete.

Christoph Waltz

Not only that he is an extraordinary actor but a handsome man and witty interview partner. Sure, his cute Austrian accent and yet flawless american pronunciation help a lot being entranced watching interviews with him, but the man actually has got something to say. What a welcome change when it comes to German/Austrian actors who made it in Hollywood.

The first movie starring Christoph Waltz I saw back in 1996 – Du bist nicht allein. Die Roy Black Story. I cannot remember why I actually watched it, as I am not a fan of ‘Schlagersänger’ Roy Black at all (unlike a good friend of mine, who just confessed her teenage love for him, hey hey S.) I probably had been sick spending the day on the couch flipping through the TV channels. Anyway, his portrait of the wanna-be rock star but (due to his look) soon designated Schlagersänger was so convincing, that I ended up watching the whole 100 minutes.

Beginning March Christoph Waltz will be shooting the Cold War Summit drama Reykjavik where he plays former Russian premier Mikhail Gorbachev opposite Michael Douglas’ Ronald Reagan. With Ridley Scott producing the film through his Scott Free production company, this could be a movie worth watching and the next outstanding performance of a talented man.