// Smorgasbord #15

by elfuhrelf

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I am stressed! It feels like being 16 again, waiting next to your phone for that one call, that will change your life. At least that’s what you naively thought it would. Until you realized just a few weeks later that he was a jerk after all, not worth the wait. Except this time it’s not about a boy and that very call or email will definitely change a whole lot in my life. What makes the waiting even more fun are friends asking about the state of play. C’mon, you should know me, as soon as I have news, I will call every news channel in the world, set up a press conference and have Jimmy Fallon invite me to talk about it in a lip flip performance. In the meantime, I try to divert myself with stories, posts and links collected in the world wide web.

13 annoying things you’d have to do if the internet did not exist.

Food vs. club culture in today’s Berlin (in German)

The milk and cookie shot

ACE Hotel architecture

What a beautiful apartment in Berlin.

Louis CK on Of Course and Maybe


Reggie Watts teaches science. Protons, contons and dimensional sandwiches.


Between two ferns…