// Spring clean

by elfuhrelf

Spring in Purple

Spring time! Holiday time. Well, it used to be… Every year around April or May wanderlust grows on me and I go on vacation. I leave the winter and the city behind and put my mind at ease in a secret whereabout. This year due to an unfortunate mixture of coincidences my planned Thailand detox week did not take place. So, I decided to send my apartment on a detox tour and started a big spring cleaning.

I spent a lot of time on flea markets to find little vases and lamps, nice china and crystal glasses. Not to forget the IKEA and hardware store craziness I underwent. The most fun besides seeing my vision step by step come true are the inspiration I got by reading my daily dose of blogs. My Pinterest board is bursting and not enough space in my flat to turn all the nice ideas into reality.

What the result will look like, I am about to show you soon in another post. For now, here is what inspired me last week. And isn’t coming home to a beautiful place, when the sun is shining through your window right on the flowers you got fresh from the market a nice little city detox, too?

Enjoy your Easter holidays!