// My name is Anja. I live in Berlin and work in Marketing and PR, mainly for fashion and lifestyle brands. I have a soft spot for fresh flowers, breakfast in every possible style, the british accent, books and Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

// This blog is the digital version of a long existing offline “blog”, if you want to describe it like that. My love for journals and scrap books started 1993 with my first stay abroad as an exchange student in an American high school. I grew up in former GDR. But travelling or even going to school in America was still something so surreal back then. My experiences needed to be cherished and I wanted to keep them safe somewhere so I could tell my friends back home all about it. Since then, wherever I go, my scrap book is with me. But life is getting faster and friends are spread all over the world so adding a digital version became inevitable.

// Naming the blog was the easiest thing. Since years now it happens at least 3 times a week, every week, that I look at the clock the minute when it shows 11:11. It’s only recently that I found out about the 11:11 phenomenon, in America it is even kind of a habit to make a wish at that time of day. I am not really into New Age beliefs and the like but oh, so many wishes I made by now…

:: All photography for Elfuhrelf are by me unless otherwise indicated. The pictures published are protected by copyright. If you would like to use them, please do me the favour and ask. Thank you