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// Spring clean

Spring in Purple

Spring time! Holiday time. Well, it used to be… Every year around April or May wanderlust grows on me and I go on vacation. I leave the winter and the city behind and put my mind at ease in a secret whereabout. This year due to an unfortunate mixture of coincidences my planned Thailand detox week did not take place. So, I decided to send my apartment on a detox tour and started a big spring cleaning.

I spent a lot of time on flea markets to find little vases and lamps, nice china and crystal glasses. Not to forget the IKEA and hardware store craziness I underwent. The most fun besides seeing my vision step by step come true are the inspiration I got by reading my daily dose of blogs. My Pinterest board is bursting and not enough space in my flat to turn all the nice ideas into reality.

What the result will look like, I am about to show you soon in another post. For now, here is what inspired me last week. And isn’t coming home to a beautiful place, when the sun is shining through your window right on the flowers you got fresh from the market a nice little city detox, too?

Enjoy your Easter holidays!


// Video of the day

Walking city is an evolving video sculpture that refers to the utopian visions of the 1960 architecture group Archigram. Simply brilliant!

// A simple picture #13

Since everything is relative, choose joy

Eva Juliet. Since everything is relative, choose joy

// Banana leaves


Obsessions can take strange ways. Lately I discovered a weird craving for bananas. And I am not talking about flourless banana pancakes, steamed curry in banana leaves or my all-time favourite banana bread. No! More a Golden-Girls-Beverly-Hills-Hotel-bedroom-banana-wallpaper obsession. It is known as one of the most recognisable wallpapers in the world, created by Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel – the Martinique. Not sure, I could live in this, yet I think it looks so cool.

IMAGEs . Beverly Hills hotel/ The decorator/ Bergdorf Goodman/ tumblr/ Martha Stewart/ Pinterest/ House of Holland

// ‘Cu’ at home


“Take care of the pence…” When talking about copper, people usually have a pence or penny in mind. Looks like those days are gone since the orange-brown metal has become the latest trend in interior design and home decor.

My copper love first sparked 2 years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

// Winter blossom

Hyacinth via Kaylovesvintage

Even though it’s said to get cold again my thoughts are already going towards spring, especially when it comes to decorating my home. After the time of silver-fir and mistletoe I am in the mood for something blossoming and colourful.  Read the rest of this entry »

// Smorgasbord #5

by Berndnaut Smilde

by Berndnaut Smilde

The tiny, personal rain cloud above my head was tired of just hanging in the air and started getting busy this week. So, over the last five days I had to take a few beatings and came to think about what went wrong and why. Should I have been more demanding or less enthusiastic? Did I give enough or too much? Immediately you start doubting yourself and your capabilities but in the end it all comes down to the same old truth: Sometimes it is just not meant to be a certain way. And then it’s good to have people around who are giving you a shoulder to lean on. Thank you N.! Read the rest of this entry »

// Colour your life


If it weren’t for the laziness I would probably repaint my walls every season in a new colour. I had my olive phase already back in my old apartment. Now the blue walls are the ones to go for.

// Balloon’s in zero gravity


Balloons freak me out. Whenever there is a kid next to me squeezing and prickling its balloon I tense up just waiting for the thing to burst. Yet, I cannot take my eyes of them on pictures. They way they silently float around, the light that seems to be captured in the balloon in different colours. No wonder fashion photographers are using them as props to convey the feeling of lightness. Read the rest of this entry »

// Arty spACE

image. Timothy Goodman via mymodernmet.com

I love the ACE hotel. Not only that the hotel itself is a great place for a stay in New York City, it also is a creative space very to my taste. The rooms are like cool apartments and every one is designed or “curated” by a different artist. Now, designer Timothy Goodman turned one of the rooms into a unique inspirational comfort zone. Only equipped with a paint maker, he pays homage to the Big Apple with his illustrations. “99 picture frame illustration” is the name of the project and if you ever need a room in New York check out the place at 20 West 29th Street  New York, NY 10001

// New York. Images of a City

info found here

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// Paper work

I have a thing for good quality magazines. No idea how much money I have spent on printed papers so far, but my newsagent has just signed the purchase agreement for a summer-house in Santorini. Wait… Read the rest of this entry »

// Comfy cocooning

It’s the time of the year again where re-decorating our home becomes a necessity for me and my friends. We get obsessed with new designs, wall papers, carpets, framed paintings from the flea market and grandma’s old porcelain. Read the rest of this entry »