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// Louise Wilson OBE – R.I.P


/ “There’s no decision in my life, it’s all been tragic non-planned.”                 Louise Wilson, 1962-2014

/ Read an interview with one of the most inspirational women here.             AnOther Mag, January 2013


// Song of the day


This is oh so smooth and the perfect song for a Sunday like today. Yet, still kinda strange knowing that this is the 19-year-old son of a guy who used to rock my world (musically) when I was a school girl –  but, I guess “It’s like that and that’s the way it is, huh!”


// Song of the day


My love for Banks started last year with her song Warm Water produced by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. She released two EPs since then building up my addiction for her music. Her new release Brain is the icing on the cake. I hope she will soon announce when her first full album, she is working on right now, will be out.  If I were asked to describe her music, I’d say a bit of Erykah Badu and Jessie Ware mixed with almost industrial sounding parts. A female Frank Ocean (hope you get the gist).

BTW: she is featured on one of the covers of V Magazine’s music issue

// Icons

Milan Fashion Week via Tommy Ton

Veronika Heilbrunner at Milan Fashion Week

So long, black Nike Free and Roshe Runs. White is the colour of spring season especially when it comes to my favourite shoes – sneakers. And with the hype around the adidas Stan Smith already turning into a random noise, the fashion crowd, with my personal style icon Veronika Heilbrunner leading the way, is going all in for another iconic sneaker in ultra white.

Watching street style pictures of the latest fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milan and NYC, there seems to be a revival of the good old Air Force 1. Not, that it had ever been out of style, but fashion community just (re)discovered the rather chunky icon, declaring the high top version to be the sneaker of the season. Given of course, that the pair is white and brand new. Have a look.

PS: Seems as VH is rocking fashion week in all cities with just one pair of Air Force 1, yet her looks are so distinctive!

// Street life. Layering

// Cass Bird

Jen Brill and Bijou Phillips. Sophomore SS08 lookbook. by Cass Bird.

Two girls in high waist shorts. Backs to the camera. Lifting their shirts on the footbridge over the F.D.R. Drive. Giving a little show to the cars below.

This pic, that probably many of you instantly remember (even without looking at the picture above), features Jen Brill and Bijou Phillips for the Sophomore ss08 lookbook. The name of the photographer: Cass Bird.

Although this picture was seen everywhere on all blogs that summer, it was not the first time I heard the name Cass Bird. A year earlier already, when working on a project with incredible photographer Ryan McGinley, I caught her name. Cass Bird, you see, took the pictures of Dash Snow, Ryan McGinley and Dan Colen for the New York magazine article Chasing Dash Snow by Ariel Levy.

Since then her commercial work was featured in The New York Times “T” Magazine, Interview, Dossier, Rolling Stone, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Nylon or Vogue. Brands such as Nike, Sony, Whistles, Converse, Levis or Urban Outfitters are hiring her for lookbook shoots and ad campaigns.

However, the photographs that always caught my eye the most, were the ones with her long time friends, amongst them: Daria Werbowy. You can see the emotional connectivity both have with each other in every single picture. Well, look at enough of Bird’s pictures and you’ll see, that every one Cass Bird is working with, seems to be engaging in an interaction with her and not playing a role. The person seems to be pictured being completely at ease and in absence of any pretentious posture.

“…I’m always interested in capturing that abandon—the freedom, and the strength, you know, and the sexuality and the sensuality, and the energetic expression… free of posturing. Women in general—as soon as someone starts to posture what it means to be feminine, I’m like, ‘Ahhh. Stop it. It hurts.’ [Laughs] The same goes for men. As soon as a guy puffs up his chest, I’m like, ‘Ah! That’s not real! That’s total bullshit.’” Cass Bird. Into The Gloss. Interview, 2012

LA raised Cass Bird graduated from Smith College in 1999 and presently lives with her wife Ali (Wall Group agent) and their two kids in Brooklyn.

IMAGEs. via cassbird.com

// Fitting. Midi Skirt (+Socks)

If I had to name one trend, I am obsessed with right now, it would be the midi skirt and socks style. Channeling my inner Joan I started wearing the pencil version last winter. Over the course of summer though, my wardrobe became home for a couple of full midi skirts, more Betty style.

Latest new member is a grey scuba pleated midi skirt I shopped at, wait for it, River Island! It has the perfect length and although not made of neoprene it has a very sculptural shape. Depending on the mood I’m in, I either style it with Chelsea boots and leather jacket; sneaker and cropped sweater; heels and classic shirt or brogues and blazer – but ALWAYS, always with socks!

It is not really a new thing, but a couple of years ago I still got those looks, you know, when wearing socks in heels. This season a lot more women out there are rocking socks with skirts. It is one of the most controversial styles at the moment. Ever since I can remember, especially German and American tourists were sneered at for wearing white socks in sandals or sneaker. Now suddenly, even combining tennis socks or a pair of wool socks with Birkenstocks and shorts is THE dernier cri (Apropos, try and ask the French what they think about it, ha!).

Still, I love socks (except nylon socks) and it is time these garments get their 15 minutes of fame. As always with fashion, it is the right mix that makes an outfit a true LOOK. For a start, don’t wear bright colours and crazy motif socks. If not done correctly, that will easily look cheap and girlish. Go for dark and neutral colours with classic patterns and style them with brogues or booties to achieve a rather preppy style. The advanced sock wearer may rock a bright coloured pair, just like Tamu McPherson or Valentina, with a patterned pencil skirt.

My favourite combination at the moment is the one below (with the socks down not up to the knee).

// Edie Campbell

Edie Campbell on being a model // “I never thought I’d enjoy this. I thought it would always be something I’d mentally struggle with, but when you’re working with a brilliant team of people – and someone has an idea that has the potential to be so brilliant visually that a reader might want to pin it on their wall – that’s an amazing thing. When an idea comes together, it can bring people so much joy – it can be so inspiring. When that happens, it’s not to do with beauty and it’s not about my face, it’s about everyone else.”

(Edie Campbell, Vogue Interview March 2013)

There is nothing left to be added.


// A simple picture #18

Paulina Heiler by Patricia Kahn test shoot

Paulina Heiler by Patricia Kahn test shoot

// Daria Werbowy

Cover - Vogue UK September 2013 Daria Werbowy

A few days ago a friend of mine posted a picture of the current issue of Vogue UK on instagram showing gorgeous Daria Werbowy on the cover. Take aside the stunning Balanciaga leather jacket and most wanted Stella knit, whats left is a picture of one of the most beautiful women in model business right now.

Portrait by photographer genius Patrick Demarchelier, this studio shoot creates a much more intimate and laid back impression than other editorials being shot at cosy hotel rooms or perfectly arranged homes. Daria simply is the kind of model that provokes different emotion by changing just nuances. The “queen of nonchalance” already won me over at the Isabel Marant and Celine campaign. Seeing the Vogue editorial now, I’m in girl crush mode again.

And like my dear friend commented on the Vogue cover: …and all of a sudden a nose piercing doesn’t seem such a bad idea anymore.


// Then and now

// Nanny with a hidden passion


The moment I laid eyes on this picture I was hooked. The caption read Vivian Maier. Chicago. Ermm? Question marks in my head. Google search initiated.

Vivian Maier’s been called “the greatest photographer you’ve never heard of”. She was a complete unknown until the time of her death in 2009. If it wasn’t for a storage locker sale and following auction in 2007, Maier’s remarkable body of work would probably still be a hidden and unknown treasure.  Read the rest of this entry »

// A simple picture #17

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

// Men of taste


Pitti Uomo in Florence and hundreds of dapper gentlemen are walking around town talking about the next trends in grooming and men’s fashion. Time for a style check.

We see: British heritage combined with bold patterns, different shades of blue in suit ‘n’ ties, hats all over the place and just as much colour to stand out but don’t shout out.

Please guys, we need more of this everywhere, not only in Florence and Milan!

// Video of the day.

A little bit of La SAPE society and a relaxed groove. Eye and ear candy and just perfect for a weekend like this.